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Carved Shadow Wall with twelve sides of brick

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Introduction to scenic spots
Twelve brick wall, which is the largest existing in China's three-dimensional relief wall, is a condensed version of folk brick art, is the master of Chinese auspicious culture. The whole screen wall carving fine, skilled knife, with metonymy, metaphor, analogy, homophonic and other means to convey the auspicious implication, express people's yearning for a better life, the pursuit of their own value. The Shadow Wall divides the east, west, south and north four directions, the implication four seasons to be safe, the eight directions comes the wealth. 1, there are deer and crane with Spring, enfeoffment Hang Seal; reflect that era of life scene, live and work in peace; Liu Hai play Spittor, step by step money. Toad for the ancient myth of the mascot, that if the wealth will be prosperous, happy. 2. There are five dragon walls, that is, five dragon walls to control water, praying for good weather and peace for the people. On both sides there are Qilin, on one side Qilin spits jade books, on behalf of Wenqilin. On the other side Qilin spits magic weapons held by eight immortals, on behalf of Wuqilin. 3. He he er Xian, meaning husband and wife Brothers Pure and beautiful feelings; there are deer and crane with Spring, Seal Hou Hang Seal; there is Kirin in the middle, is a good omen. There are three immortals in the middle, the well-known God of good fortune among the gods, also known as the three stars. Lucky Star Zhu Fu, Lu Xing Zhu Gong Li Lu, Shou Xing Zhu Shou. A Happy family will have three stars. Lions on both sides of the Hydrangea, good things in the back, more and more red, the meaning of the rolling flow of money. The building of the screen wall by the Li family has the function of stopping evil spirits, removing evil spirits, hiding wealth and welcoming happiness. It also reflects the rich financial power of the Li family and reflects the identity, status and ambition of the master of the House.



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